When my wife Megan and I were engaged, I was looking for healthier lunch options. Everything I found fell into one or both of these categories:

  • Tasted terrible!
  • Left me starving!

I tried cooking on Sundays for the whole week, but realized that it was a TON of work, and because of my lack of skills, I ended up eating the only meal I could successfully prepare twice a day for a month, and to this day I cannot get myself to eat ground turkey!

I tried eating prepared meals, but all were either unhealthy or weren’t filling. A coworker and I bonded over our frustration, and decided to reach out to my cousin who is a professional chef in the area to see if a healthy, and really good tasting meal was even possible.


After enjoying one of the chef-made meals at work one of my coworkers, we’ll call her Caitlin, asked for a taste of my Barbacoa Beef Burrito Bowl. She immediately wanted to know where I had bought it so she could get some ASAP.

Confession: By this point I was considering starting this business, so I couldn’t let anyone at work know I might be quitting. So I told Caitlin the dish came from Costco.

Frustration painted her face when she arrived the next day. She told me she had spent an hour on the internet, and had visited 3 Costcos looking for the dish. I feel terrible about it to this day, but I lied again saying, “Weird, are you sure you checked in the back? You can’t miss ‘em!”


Anything she dedicated that much time to finding must be good. That was the day Matt and I decided we were going to quit our jobs and start Sporkabowl.

We make fresh, spork-inspired, delicious, healthy meals, and deliver them right to your door. One more thing – Many companies will have you believe that you have to starve yourself in order to eat healthy. We make every dish so it’s healthy and still hearty.

Thank you for considering making us part of your life. And if there’s anything I can ever do, feel free to send me an email here.

-Travis Foster
Co-Founder, Sporkabowl


Sporkabowl Co-Founders Matt (left) and Travis