Why-Men-Spend-44-per-cent-More-On-Lunch-Than-Women Food for thought
August 14, 2017

Why Men Spend 44% More On Lunch Than Women

Nobody really expects men to make pretty salads in mason jars to take with them to work. You’d be hard pressed to find a guy bringing a sandwich in a

11-Ingredients-That-Instantly-Dress-Up-A-Boring-Tin-Of-Canned-Soup Lunch Ideas
August 10, 2017

From Yucky To Yummy: 11 Ingredients That Instantly Dress Up A Boring Tin Of Canned Soup

What is the last thing that ever gets taken out of your pantry – and only when there’s a food deprivation emergency, and you have absolutely nothing else to eat

5-Things-You-Must-Know-Before-You-Experiment-With-A-Vegan-Lunch Lunch Ideas
August 8, 2017

5 Things You Must Know Before You Experiment With A Vegan Lunch

A lot of people want to try out a vegan lifestyle first, to see if it is a good fit and a sustainable option for them. Eschewing meat, fish, eggs

How-to-bring-packed-lunch-to-work-everyday Lunch Ideas
August 6, 2017

Want To Take A Packed Lunch To Work Every Day? Follow These 4 Golden Rules

Bringing a packed lunch to work everyday is the sort of good habit that some people have – and others wish they did. And why ever not, because you can

How-to-fight-food-cravings Food for thought
August 3, 2017

Need To Fight Food Cravings? Try These 3 Mind-Control Tactics

If you’re trying to eat healthy or lose weight, you already know what a multipurpose nuisance this thing called `food’ can be. It needs no special occasion – like actually

10-Ways-To-Imaginatively-Use-Hardboiled-Eggs-For-Lunch Lunch Ideas
August 1, 2017

10 Ways To Imaginatively Use Hardboiled Eggs For Lunch

There’s a common saying among ladies from the South, who certainly know a thing or two when it comes to food and entertainment: “Never be caught without hardboiled eggs in

July-30th-National-Cheesecake-Day--Enjoy-These-25-Recipes-And-Other-Tasty-Tidbits-From-The-Cheesecake-Factory Food for thought
July 24, 2017

July 30th National Cheesecake Day: Enjoy These 25 Recipes And Other Tasty Tidbits From The Cheesecake Factory

10 THINGS YOU PROBABLY DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT CHEESECAKE FACTORY CHEESECAKES # 1: The Cheesecakes Are Premade And Frozen Cheesecake Factory makes and freezes all its famous desserts in a central,

Got-A-Store-Bought-Quiche-For-Lunch--No-Problem-Just-Give-It-A-Homemade-Twist Lunch Ideas
July 7, 2017

Got A Store-Bought Quiche For Lunch? No Problem, Just Give It A Homemade Twist!

The 1960s was a popular time for a few French-sounding foods in America – like baguette, pâté, Brie and soufflé. Quiche — or quiche Lorraine or tarte salée, as this

11-Perky-Ideas-To-Beat-The-Post-Lunch-Slump Food for thought
July 3, 2017

11 Perky Ideas To Beat The Post-Lunch Slump

Wish you could catch a little naptime after lunch, when you’re practically falling over your desk with sleepiness? Think the Spanish and the Romans were really onto something when they

Restaurant-Lunch-Delivery--Why-Craving-Tapping-And-Enjoying-With-The-UberEATS-App-Is-Such-A-Harmful-Habit Food for thought
July 3, 2017

Restaurant Lunch Delivery: Why Craving, Tapping And Enjoying With The Uber EATS App Is Such A Harmful Habit

Third-party delivery services are a phenomenon that was just waiting to happen. We were SO exhausted from eating the same old pizza from our local pie place and the same

Sniff-And-Lose-Weight--7-Delicious-Food-Smells-That-Actually-Depress-Appetite Food for thought
June 30, 2017

Sniff And Lose Weight: 7 Delicious Food Smells That Actually Depress Appetite

You probably know what `aroma marketing’ is. Even if you don’t, you’ve probably been a victim of this food-selling tactic countless times. Think of when you walked past a Cinnabon

Business-Lunch--The-One-Time-We-Will-Probably-Say-That-The-Lunch-Is-NOT-Important Lunch Ideas
June 26, 2017

Business Lunch: The One Time We Will Probably Say That The Lunch Is NOT Important

Business lunches are hard enough as it is – you don’t have to make it even worse for yourself by noisily licking all 5 fingers after finishing off the last